High Quality Black & White Portraiture

        For a truly CLASSIC and TIMELESS black & white portrait, you have to call Ellis Chenault.  His posing and photography, using medium format black & white film, for individuals in the studio is unsurpassed and will create a truly timeless look. 

        He wants to create for you those unforgettable timeless images which you will treasure for generations. He guarantees he photography 100%. If you are dissatisfied with the images he captures in any way, he will cheerfully schedule another photography session or refund your money. 

       There is no limit on the number of images created, but recommends limiting clothing changes. 

Playing below are just a few samples of his black & white portrait sessions.

Steps for successful portraits

        The clothing the subjects will be wearing is critical to the success of the portrait.  He recommends assembling all of the clothing each subject will be wearing, including shoes, and display on your bed or other area you can review all choices.  If the combinations work together, your choices should be fine.  He then suggests you store the outfits, clean and pressed and ready to wear, in a "safe" location, so on the day of your appointment, everything is ready.

        Schedule your photography appointment at a time which is best for the subjects.  Please do not schedule another appointment so close to the session that you may feel rushed, before or after.  If you are just not feeling well - please reschedule. 

        He asks for only one other person in the photography during the session.  That person should be comfortable in assisting the subject with hair, makeup, clothing, etc. 

        One of the most important things is ones mood.  If its been a "hard day" or a "bad hair day" or an "extra pimple day", anything which could make you feel not 100%, please reschedule.

        He understands that the investment you make in portraits now will not be important in the future.  Your portraits will become more valuable day by day.  That being said, he will be happy to mail you a price list before your photography session.  Just give him a call or send a message.