Ellis B. Chenault, Inc. | Photography Classes

     Photography Classes will revolve around an weeknight evening schedule a week apart.  We feel to devote more individual class time than this will actually hamper education.  Practice is required between classes.

     The classes for beginners will be approximately seventy five minutes each are divided into 6 different areas: 1. Introduction to the camera, care & handling; 2. history, types of cameras and how the camera works, film and sensors; 3. how to control the light, basic on camera flash; 4. lenses and how to make the best selection; 5. basic lighting and what to look out for; and 6. basic composition of a photograph.  Most of the technical and techniques in the first classes need to become as automatic as driving a car.  Once you understand the technique, you just need to practice.

     Once you have mastered the classes for beginners and the features and functions of your camera are second nature, you'll be ready for the classes for advanced photographers.  The first 5 classes will be approximately 90 minutes each and are divided into 5 areas: 1. Advanced camera settings; 2. Adding light to an image; 3. types of files and basic conversions and image enhancement; 4. how to see and work with light; and 5. lighting and posing people.  The 6th class will be on location to be decided on by the class and will be up to 4 hours on a Saturday or Sunday.

     The classes will be taught often enough that if you feel like you are getting lost, simply pick up the next class the next time it is available.  My promise to you is you will get more than your money's worth.  I won't leave you behind.

     We have access to a superb classroom, but we will still limit our class size to only 10 students.  The 6 beginner classes are only $125.00 and the 6 advanced classes are $145.00.  To register and pay at the first class, if space is available, please add $50.00.

     Of course, I am always available for private instruction, by prearrangement, on the photography subject of your choice for $125.00/hour.