Ellis B. Chenault, Inc. | Bank Street Green



    Bank Street Green is a private park in the heart of downtown Decatur on Bank Street.  It is a perfect size venue for many types of outdoor events.  Features are a beautiful gazebo, fully landscaped, and handicapped accessible restroom.

     Weddings, reunions, corporate functions, birthday parties and theatrical productions are some of the many different types of events which may be held on the lawn. 

     This is a private park and as such, we control entrance, so you do not have to be worried about uninvited guests "crashing your party".

     Your individual event will dictate the price for renting the park as there are many options available.  The price can be as low as $200.00.

     Please email and I will send you a pdf with pricing.  Then call to schedule a time to meet at the park to discuss your particular event and to reserve your date.  We look forward to talking with you.