Ellis B. Chenault, Inc. | Copy and Restore

Copy & Restore

        Ellis is honored that you trust us with their irreplaceable images they want copied. We do not take that trust lightly or for granted. That is why Chenault Studios is Decatur’s leading photography studio.
        He takes pride in the restorations that he completes.  He has completed some extremely complex images that others have turned away.  He unfortunately has had to turn down several images because of the severity of the damage or the unrealistic expectations of the owner of the image.  We are, however, very realistic about what can and cannot be accomplished with restoration.
        Whether you have a complex restoration or a simple copy, rest assured they will care for your original image as if were their own. They know the images which are entrusted to them are highly valued.  Your originals are treated as priceless.
        Ellis has pioneered the double polarization process of photographing old photographs and images which created the finest digital file copies available.  He uses a lossless image compression and RAW image files to maintain the quality you'd expect from Chenault Studios.
        Your old negatives, color or black & white, can also be copied with the same lossless compression for extremely fine copies.
        There is no need to leave your originals with us expect in several cases.  With your appointment, the copying is conducted while you wait - it usually takes 10 to 15 minutes - so you can take your originals with you.  If your original image is framed, it takes a bit longer.
        Please contact the studio for your personal no-obligation appointment with Ellis so he can discuss your copy needs with you.
Below are a few samples of copies and restorations.